It’s been a while….


I don’t even know where to start…I haven’t blogged in about a year. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten how to write a post.


I was bored so I stalked my own blog and went through all my old posts and comments.

First, I wanna apologize if I’ve ever offended anyone because I was quite rude in the past…I don’t know why. Guess it was because I was so young and childish.


I was obsessed with fantage and blog popularity that I became sort of a tyrant lol.

Looking back I realize how ridiculous it all was and that fantage is honestly just a game.

I started blogging in 2012…wow 3 years ago. Now, as a teenager, I am literally laughing at all the comments and things I said in 2012.


You’re probably wondering if I still play fantage…and the answer is no. 

Ever since trade n sell left and my mall showed up, I’ve been completely uninterested. Also, I’ve grown up and don’t really have time to play games anymore.

I don’t really want my account anymore so I might sell it. I’ll post a full inventory of my account later [stay tuned ;) ]


Anyways, A HUGE shout out to all the viewers who kept viewing even though I didn’t post anything. You’re the real MVPs. I’m not really going to be blogging anymore so I need some people to help keep this blog alive.

I AM accepting job applications [APPLY HERE] – please apply if you will seriously and religiously keep up with fantage news. I want someone who will actively be posting.


Sooo yeah…thanks for reading and viewing :)


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Wat iz dis?

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Wazzup peeps.

So school is starting.

And as much as I love slaving over a computer and typing 24/7,  damaging my eyesight due to screen light, risking possible effects of computer radiation, and also slowly killing my brain cells by watching ridiculous videos online…..

I have to say goodbye to that.

Have I quit fantage? Yes.

Selling my account? If interested, just email me.

Have I quit this blog? No. I’m taking a break.

I’m just reflecting on this summer.

My personal/social life, and blog life.

AND Blah, blah, blah you already know what this post is about.


Like always, I will try to blog every chance I get during the year.


It’s funny how nobody in my life knows I blog.

It’s like the biggest secret I have yet to tell my friends and family.

They honestly wouldn’t care. haha.

But why do I feel like this blog is one of my greatest accomplishments?

I put more effort into my blog then most things.

That’s really lame. I’m a frickin nerd.

But I honestly don’t care :)


Adventure time, c’mon grab you’re friends



This is random….

Oh I watched that Ninja Turtle movie

It was good.

But I think I’m attracted to Raphael.

In a totally non-weird way.

Guys, I don’t like turtles.

They’re cute and all, but, ya know.

Those ninja turtles had six packs.

I’m just concerned about their health because they’re too strong to be turtles.

I mean they’re really charming, but I’m human and all..

Screw it. Raphael is bae.


I don’t think I’m okay right now


Or it might just be that fruit punch I just had.

Yeah. It was the punch.




Don’t be that person ~Back to school

I feel like this blog is not about Fantage anymore…lol. I quit a whiillleee ago. I’m scared to change the title of my blog though. I’ve never changed it before o_O  Anyways, here is some free advice 100% from me.

When you go back to school, don’t be that person that…

-Always has gum, but never shares any

-Tells people who you got your gum from

-Always asks what the homework is

-Sleeps in class

-Is lazy in P.E

-Sneezes/Coughs without covering mouth

-Gossips/Creates rumors

-Clicks their pen too much

-Never returns borrowed items

-Chews on borrowed pencils/pens

-Copies off other people homework

:) + 7 Things Bloggers need to stop doing

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^^^Read that^^^


7 Things bloggers need to stop doing

1. Changing their blog titles/URLs

Please stop changing your blog name every second. It gets confusing. Viewers don’t wanna play “Guess the blog name of the week”. They really don’t. If you’re blog is called FantageYellow today, don’t change it to FantageGreen tommorrow.

2. Loosing they’re cool

I know blogging can sometimes be stressful if you have a lot of traffic on your blog. But remember that viewers are doing YOU a favor by visiting your blog. Don’t get snappy with them. If someone makes a rude comment, try to ignore it; or better yet delete it. I have to be honest, I’ve done this quite a few times myself. But everyone starts over.

3.Being pushy/thirsty

“OMG when are you gonna update this?!” “OMGGGG I love your header!!! Show me how you made it or I will kidnap your parents.” Okay maybe not like that, but you get the point. Comments like that are kinda annoying. Bloggers will let you know information as soon as they get it. Also, they are not obligated to tell you the sites they use to perfect their blog.

4. Over-advertising

It’s okay to advertise your friend’s blog, or maybe just a few ads to be nice. But when you’re blog is filled with ads, it gets distracting. Viewers are going to start leaving your blog, to go visit others. And the sad thing is, it’s all your fault :P

5. Posting about their grades/personal friends

Nobody cares that you failed the 5th grade. And viewers don’t care if  ‘Stacy’s mom got it going on’. We don’t know who the truck  Stacy is.

6. Giving out personal information

If you do this, you deserve two hits to the head, and 3 kicks to the buttocks. Bloggers who tell viewers personal information might as well tell Jason and Freddy Kruger where they’ll be on Friday the 13th. 

7. Getting into drama

Bloggers be getting into drama that doesn’t even concern them..but that’s none of my business *Says in kermit the frog voice*

So if you’re a blogger, and you do any of these things…you should stop. Or ignore this and do whatever the truck you wanna.

Crop Top


Do you wanna crop top?

Do your parents not allow you to buy one?

Do you want one anyway..?

Well here’s how you can make one! [Without just cutting a shirt :P ]

1. Get a pair of old leggings you no longer want.

2. Cut the leg parts to the length you would want the sleeves to be.

3. Cut the ‘crotch part’ into a head hole.

For visual instructions click here.



*Not my idea. Inspiration from the page linked above.

Treasure Hunting!

Great, we can all experience  being  an archaeologist, virtually!


Choose the brush, it’s free! It’s a waste to buy the other ones. When you run out of 500 clicks, log out and log back in. You start at the same place you left off at, and you don’t have to wait an hour for another 500 clicks!



Each brick takes 10 clicks to break it, so one wall takes 970 clicks. I’m not sure as you advance the bricks get harder to break or easier?

If you have nothing to do, then click away!!

~ maple

Hello Again!

Hey guys!
As you can see, I haven’t been blogging much. I’ve been busy with school aaand stuff. I feel so bad, I haven’t post here since, what? February? That’s like 4 months… 1/3 of a year… Tomorrow I’ll post about the ‘Treasure Hunters’ event on Fantage :) I didn’t log in yet, so hopefully this event is better than the usual ones.
My last day of school is next Wednesday, can’t wait! I’m am so done with studying. When’s your last day?
~ maple

Item Rental?


Fantage, we appreciate your effort, but no. What’s the point of renting an item for 3 days? And these ‘rentals’ aren’t gonna be free. So really…what’s the point? So basically you’ll be wasting your stars buying an item that will be shaded in your inventory after 3 days.

I’m sorry Fantage, but your ideas are going downhill these days…

To clear the confusion..

Some people are confused to why fantage is the way it is..well here are some answers.


People get hacked/scammed and bother the heck out of Fantage. Fantage gets annoyed, takes away Trade n Sell, and brings back Vintage Gold.


People complain about not being able to buy the items for cheaper prices.They also complain about having no other way to earn ecoins. Fantage creates MyMall so users can sell items and get free ecoins. Basically Trade n sell without the trading part :/


MyMall requires something called gold because, c’mon, Fantage would not make it that easy to buy and sell items. And of course you have to pay for gold. Fantage makes sure they at least have once source of making money. But I guess it’s not they’re fault. After all, they are a company.



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