Free fantage accounts



user:lily5009                        pass:weddingpeach9

user: fitu                                 pass:rainbow

user Prep_pink_rulz           pass:Hamsterz123

user:brianna2k4                  pass:kitty2004

user:GUYTOO762               pass:294128

user:Appleberry01               pass:cheese2468

user:hey4878                       pass:2011o9

user: hellomotto3               pass: lumpy22

user:haley3291                   pass: kob4dix$

user: directionnerr             pass: france123

user: keni62                        pass: dogcat2

user: mcntire1234             pass:1ethan10

user: max_is_heidi          pass: fantage1

user: lemonade20120      pass: family6

user: mellie999                  pass: lalala1

user: emily90002              pass: yasmine1

user: maryooma87           pass: 115179

user: ss11ss22                    pass: 44722268

user: malydiabelek10      pass: 1234567

user: serenaseal                pass: duraekkx1

user: monmon555           pass: 123123123

user: marie633                  pass: marie6

user: wordpress                pass: fantastic12345

user: jade24545               pass: cutegirl245


User: samantha20898       pass: fantage4

User: pony7684                   pass: pony1234

user: tintin263                     pass: pretty


User:  zany_xroo                   pass: kaila725

User:casy4805                       pass: mydall1

User: jinglebells007               pass: fantage007

User: heyhey1641                   pass: heyhey1

User Smileykiss                      pass: vancouver2010

Please tell me which one’s don’t work so i can take them off the list and put new ones:)

  1. Pony dont work

  2. tintin263 cant log on

  3. correction: all of the “Really Good Accounts” don’t work

  4. do any of these accounts work? I’ve tried like 10 and they all don’t work!

  5. ok i hav one that dose actually work pplz
    u: wisconson12345




  6. hey hare is a free account User = Picchy12345 and pass is 784797

  7. heres a newbie but has 3 ecoin items level 1 and safe chat :) have fun the coined items r rare!!!

  8. okay guys this should work unless someone has changed the password it is my account and take care of her try not to banned her but you can change the password if you wish her name is sophia6934 and her password is Parkinson all lower case and she is e coined she has a cool house and she used to be a member and she is a high level and she does not have bf on the game please take care of her

  9. Samantha dosent work :(

  10. some are only working

  11. ya not a lot work and u should put up a member account

  12. Some of them don’t work

  13. today January 18 keni62 has ben banned for 13 hours!

  14. i really like keni 62 but the thing is hes boring but really nice clothes

  15. stop going on amanda0456 I want her

  16. Hey guys. have a gmail and I was wondering if you have any accounts you wanna dump you can send them to me at

  17. ( sniff ) i need mem acc dat awesome know pwease TnT TnT TnT here an acc username : nice321m password : 224jky PWEASE MAKE HER MEM OWO IF U CAN

  18. i have an acc for u guys real rare user:royal_princess37
    pass:not tellin u332

  19. you people are weird, not the website people, you people

  20. I made her the other week, shes like level 9. Kinda poor, but it’s all I’ve got.

    User: briellebella
    Pass: shelby2

  21. Free accounts here! Last one is a guy.

    U: mimi11526
    P: 123123444

    U: annieca
    P: elmoelmo456

    U: ashley_tisdale55
    P: sharpay201

    U: animals_4ever6
    P: 666444222

  22. Jennifer! From this older comments…MY REAL NAME IS JENNIFER

  23. Its cool though anyways ty!

  24. Hi! Want a free fantage account? Don’t ban it! It’s mine! If you ban it then I’ll change pass!
    Enjoy this account! (I DO NOT LIE ABOUT FANTAGE ACCOUNTS!!!)

  25. Here’s a free acc u: cookiemonster212
    p: Lalalalol

  26. I got on fitu but then she changed her password
    I also have an account I dont play anymore:
    Shes over level 15

  27. who wants to meet up with me

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